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Sun Microsystems is the #1 server manufacturer in the world. The reason? Reliability, dependability and scalability. All MMA accounts are hosted Sun Sparc machines with the Solaris operating system.

eXtensible Markup Language (XML) helps separate content from appearance, making it easier to update design and data independently. The result can be a time-savings when it comes to maintaining large, data-intensive sites.

Sun Microsystems
The #1 web server worldwide

CGI Programming Features

At MMA, we realize that CGI is the foundation that most web sites are built on. That's why, in addition to Servlets, we've equipped all our accounts with a full spectrum of CGI features and capabilities that make it easy for your business to succeed.

Each of our accounts offers a private cgi-bin capable of running C/C++ binaries and Perl 5 scripts. You can download and install scripts from free CGI script sites like Matt's Script Archive.

If you'd like to learn more about CGI scripting with Perl, we strongly recommend the book Perl 5 Interactive Course (Waite, 1997).

And, of course, for those interested in taking advantage of the latest, multithreaded server technology, we also offer Java servlets and Java Server Pages with all our Accounts.


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