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Sun Microsystems is the #1 server manufacturer in the world. The reason? Reliability, dependability and scalability. All MMA accounts are hosted Sun Sparc machines with the Solaris operating system.

eXtensible Markup Language (XML) helps separate content from appearance, making it easier to update design and data independtly. The result can be a time-savings when it comes to maintaining large, data-intensive sites.

The #1 web server worldwide

Email Accounts

Email is an important part of any hosting account.That's why MMA includes a full assortment of email capabilities, all configurable from our EZControl Control Panel.

  • POP3 email accounts
  • Email forwarding aliases
  • Autoresponders
  • Sendmail SMTP server

POP3 Accounts
A POP3 account gives an individual his or her own private email account. Email received via POP3 is stored on the server and can only be accessed using the correct username and password.

Email forwarding aliases
An email alias is a pseudo-address on the server that forwards incoming mail to another address. For example, if you wish to receive email at your local dialup ISP, but still give others an address @yourcompany.com, you can have the email forwarded automatically to your local dialup account.

Autoresponders automatically send a pre-determined message to users who email an address under your account. This is useful if you have information that many people might want, and you don't want to manually respond to every request. For example, you might setup products@youraccount.com to send a listing of your company's products upon request.

Sendmail SMTP Server
By setting up your email client to use your account's SMTP server, you can have email headers showing that the email was sent from user@yourcompany.com.

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