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Sun Microsystems is the #1 server manufacturer in the world. The reason? Reliability, dependability and scalability. All MMA accounts are hosted Sun Sparc machines with the Solaris operating system.

eXtensible Markup Language (XML) helps separate content from appearance, making it easier to update design and data independtly. The result can be a time-savings when it comes to maintaining large, data-intensive sites.

The #1 web server worldwide

Java Server Pages (JSP)

Java Server Pages are a way of including dynamic content in your HTML pages without requiring the construction of most of the boilerplate code needed for Java Servlets. This save time when you need dynamically-generated content, but the application doesn't warrant a full servlet.

Java On-The-Fly

The first time a newly-modified JSP page is loaded, it is passed to the javac compiler which finds the Java code in the page and compiles those sections to Java bytecode in their own class files.

These class files can then be executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which outputs the text results of the code to the web server. The combined HTML and Java output are then returned to the user as a single HTML document.

After the JSP has been compiled once, its bytecode contents are available for future viewings without the need to recompile, allowing for fast interpretation. Like Servlets, JSPs take full advantage of the multithreaded architecture of the Java Virtual Machine and the servlet engine in which they run.

For more information about servlets and Java Server Pages, we recommend the books Java Servlets and JSP (Murach, 2003), Java Servlet Programming (O'Reilly, 1999) and Professional Java Server Programming (Wrox, 1999).

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