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We are always hard at work developing applications and utilities optimized for CentOS 7 servers and pre-tested with our MMA web hosting accounts.

We welcome our hosting customers' input regarding enhancements and changes they would like to have implemented in the future. Following are links to some of the available software you may find useful in developing your website.

  • Java Products & APIs - Download the latest JDK and other official Java APIs from Sun's website.
  • Apache Jakarta - Home to Tomcat, Struts and a wide variety of other open source Java software.
  • Apache XML - Home to Cocoon, Xalan, Xerces and other open source XML software.
  • MM Mysql JDBC Driver - The JDBC driver for use with the Mysql database.
  • com.oreilly.servlet - Source for code from the O'Reilly book, "Java Servlet Programming."
  • Poolman - A JDBC pool manager and SQL caching library.



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