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Even experts read the manuals. Our tech support staff has most of the books that are out on a wide variety of web topics. Here are some of their top picks. We think you'll find them useful and informative as well.

JSP-JDBC Example

Database connections are an important part of presenting dynamic content. The following code snippet shows a simplified JSP page which connects to a database and displays the results of a query in a dynamically-generated HTML table.



<%@page language="java" import="java.sql.*"%>

<% Driver DriverRecordset1 =


Connection Conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database",


Statement StatementRecordset1 = Conn.createStatement();

ResultSet Recordset1 = StatementRecordset1.executeQuery("select * from mytable");

boolean Recordset1_isEmpty = !Recordset1.next();

boolean Recordset1_hasData = !Recordset1_isEmpty;

int Recordset1_numRows = 0;



int Repeat1__numRows = 10 ;

int Repeat1__index = 0 ;

Recordset1_numRows += Repeat1__numRows;



<% while ((Recordset1_hasData)&&(Repeat1__numRows-- != 0))




          <td><%= (String) Recordset1.getObject("Field1Name") %></td>

          <td><%= (String) Recordset1.getObject("Field2Name") %></td>

          <td><%= (String) Recordset1.getObject("Field3Name") %></td>

          <td><%= (String) Recordset1.getObject("Field4Name") %></td>



Recordset1_hasData = Recordset1.next();}







JSP Examples

Note: MMA technical support staff cannot provide troubleshooting of problems with third-party CGI scripts including but not limited to: Perl scripts, C/C++ binaries, PHP or web/database integration unless these services are specifically contracted. For these services, please see our Quote Request Form.

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