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Even experts read the manuals. Our tech support staff has most of the books that are out on a wide variety of web topics. Here are some of their top picks. We think you'll find them useful and informative as well.

Using the MySQL Control Panel

All accounts include access to our MySQL control panel which allows you to do everything you need for administrating your database. The control panel includes two sections:

1) A table creation/modification wizard for creating and updating your tables.
2) An Interactive SQL gateway for issuing standard SQL commands to the database.

If you are new to SQL, you may prefer to use the table wizard. SQL experts will probably prefer the Interactive SQL gateway.

Creating tables

Before you can enter data into your database, you have to define the tables that data will inhabit. Tables can be created using standard SQL commands or through the table wizard. Full documentation of the SQL commands for creating tables can be found at the MySQL website.

The table wizard lets you set the following parameters for each column in your table:

Column Name
Data Type
Data Size
Null Type
Auto Increment

Once you have created the table, you can begin populating it with data.

Importing data from files

You can import files uploaded to your account which contain tab-delimited data from the admin script by using a single Mysql command with the following syntax:

LOAD DATA INFILE "/usr/local/etc/httpd/sites/yourdomain.com/data-file.txt" INTO TABLE YourTableName import_options

where available "import_options" are as follows:



Note: MMA technical support staff cannot provide troubleshooting of problems with third-party CGI scripts including but not limited to: Perl scripts, C/C++ binaries, PHP or web/database integration unless these services are specifically contracted. For these services, please see our Quote Request Form.

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