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Sun Microsystems is the #1 server manufacturer in the world. The reason? Reliability, dependability and scalability. All MMA accounts are hosted Sun Sparc machines with the Solaris operating system.

eXtensible Markup Language (XML) helps separate content from appearance, making it easier to update design and data independtly. The result can be a time-savings when it comes to maintaining large, data-intensive sites.

The #1 web server worldwide

XML Preprocessor

With our Commerce and Enterprise Accounts we include access to the Cocoon XML pre-processor. This servlet-based tool recognizes files with the .xml extension and uses XSL stylesheets to display their data in the appropriate HTML format.

The advantage is that you can enter data once into a single document and use different XSL stylesheets to display it in a number of different ways without re-entering the same information.

The Cocoon processor is a developing technology which is part of the Apache project. As a result, its capabilities and functionality are increasing every day. For more information on using Cocoon, visit the Apache XML Project web site.

If you're interested in learning about XML and XSL stylesheets, we recommend Elliotte Harold's XML Bible (IDG Books, 1999).


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