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About MMA

MMA has been providing web site development and hosting services since 1995. We started business with a single machine running the free NCSA httpd software. Since then, we have upgraded our hardware, software and bandwidth capacity many times. Our network now includes a multiple 10 gigabit-per-second internet backbone connection, state-of-the-art, Cisco-switched Ethernet and a full complement of reliable servers running the CentOS operating system.

At the same time, we have continuously developed proprietary software and utilities designed to make it easy for hosting clients to access the features and functions they need without needing to learn Unix system administration tasks.

Today, MMA is on the forefront of web hosting technologies, offering access to the latest distributed computing capabilities, including JSPs (Java Server Pages) and Servlets. Our commitment is to continue implementing emerging technologies and making them available to our hosting clients.

We look forward to serving your site and to helping you make your online business a success.


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Motivational Marketing Associates, LLC
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