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Our servers include the latest Perl5 interpreter and dozens of popular modules. If you need a module not already installed, please ask us.

MySQL database is a high-performance database sufficient for most needs.





Technical Support

Sun Ultra Enterprise 450Technical support is available to MMA hosting customers from our expert technical staff. Technical support included with all accounts includes such matters as fixing problems with account configurations -- including databases, passwords, email accounts and aliases, ensuring that all network connections are functioning optimally, and pinpointing the sources of common configuration or access problems.

If you need more involved support such as CGI script installation, consulting or custom programming work, it is available. Simply email MMA Custom Quotes to tell us your requirements.

You'll also find comprehensive documentation with answers to almost all questions in our online Tech Support Library.

Note: MMA technical support staff cannot provide troubleshooting of problems with third-party CGI scripts including but not limited to: Perl scripts, C/C++ binaries, PHP or web/database integration unless these services are specifically contracted. For these services, please see our Quote Request Form.

Even experts read the manuals. Our tech support staff has most of the books that are out on a wide variety of web topics. Here are some of their top picks. We think you'll find them useful and informative as well.


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